Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why I'm Skipping UFC 147

While I make it a point to watch as many UFC Pay-Per-Views as I can, I am skipping UFC 147.  There are only four matches on the card, and Vitor Belfort, one of only two fighters I was interested in seeing, had to pull out due to a hand injury.  As much as I like Fabricio Werdum, it's hard to justify paying to watch an event for only one fighter.  Granted, by pay, I mean grab a meal at Applebee's, which shows it for free.  That being said, even dropping $9.00 only to see one fighter is a bit much, although the burger and fries would be delicious.

The fact is, there is no title on the line and the card is headlined by Wanderlei Silva.  Granted, I did see the footage of him making mincemeat out of the Gracie Hunter during his Pride days and was very impressed.  However, since he has only won two out of his last five fights, it really seems like his best days are behind him.  I see no reason to make him a main eventer other than his name, and would rather save my money to see Anderson Silva's rematch with Chael Sonnen at UFC 148, as well as finally getting to see Urijah Faber in action when he fights for the interim bantamweight title against Renan Barao. 

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  1. Just like in boxing, small guys are entertaining in MMA...speed, agility, and cardio that can't be matched by bigger guys. There have been so many good fights in the WEC since the Zuffa buyout...
    UFC 147