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This blog is for promoting my writing and discussing my personal interests.  The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own and are not those of my employer, church, or any other organization which I am affiliated with.

I retain the copyright to all of the content which I create on this blog.  You are only allowed to use my material with written permission from myself.  You can ask for my permission by contacting me at blackprincerising@gmail.com.  I will never give out your personal information to anyone without your consent, except to comply with law enforcement and/or the judicial system.

Any images which I use for this blog which are not my own are for fair use purposes only.  The copyright holders retain all rights to their images.

I claim no responsibility for the material posted at the links located on this blog, what is posted in the comments section, or any third party services used.  However, if you find anything offensive, please bring it to my attention so that I can review it, and, if warranted, remove it.  Comments with profanity will be deleted, as well as those with hateful or attacking language.  Comments with links will also be deleted.  If you want me to link to your blog or website, please email me with your request so that I can review it.  Emailing your request to me is no guarantee that it will be granted.

The martial arts tips and advice included on this blog are for informational/commentary purposes only.  While I will ensure that they are as accurate as possible, I do not know the particulars of your situation (i.e. physical health, years of training received, the legal requirements of your country, etc.).  No martial arts technique works 100% of the time, and just because one technique is appropriate for one situation does not mean that it is appropriate for another.  I strongly encourage you to find a local martial arts instructor to provide you with self-defense techniques that are appropriate for your situation.  I also encourage you to comply with the legal requirements of your place/area of residence.  If you choose to implement the advice/tips on this blog, you do so at your own risk.  I take no responsibility for any injury, death, legal issues, or other consequences that may result from you taking the advice on this blog. 

In addition, while I will comment on many martial arts styles, I do not claim to have in-depth knowledge of anything other than Shotokan karate and Krav Maga.  As I am still a beginner in Kung Fu, this blog will simply detail the progress that I make, as well as the insights that I receive, while training in that martial art. 

This blog is not intended to offend anyone.  That being said, it is written from a Christian perspective and will adhere to Christian values and principles.  While I will discuss spiritual matters, I am not an ordained minister, priest or other church official, nor do I have formal theological training. 

Any use of my blog by a minor is subject to the consent of their parent or guardian.  Since my target audience is teenagers and young adults, I do not advise that parents and guardians allow minors under the age of 13 to read my blog.  Parents and guardians who allow their children to read my blog acknowledge that they have been warned that my content is not intended for minors younger than that.  Minors who use my blog should be made aware of the potential risks to them and of their obligation to comply with these rules when using my blog by their parents and guardians.  I also advise parents and guardians who permit their children to use my blog that it is important for them to communicate with their children about their safety online.  I will do my best to assess any possible risks to minors from third parties when they use my blog, and I will decide in each case whether it is appropriate to moderate and/or remove the relevant service in the light of those risks.

These disclaimers and terms of use are subject to change at any time, without warning, at my discretion.

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