Friday, June 15, 2012

Enter The Consigliere

I finally reached a scene in which I get to introduce a pivotal character known as the Consigliere.  I won't say too much about her since I don't want to give away any spoilers.  Suffice it to say that if people were machines, she would have come out of the factory broken.  In other words, she is pure evil. 

Some people are not comfortable believing that there are sociopaths out there to whom right and wrong mean nothing.  However, the very existence of the prison system is proof that they exist.  That's why, in order to reflect reality, I have certain characters in my stories who only care about their own selfish motives, who don't empathize with their victims, and to whom laws, rules, and codes of conduct are just empty words.  In addition, since we are all sinners, God makes it clear that ANYONE can become that depraved without His mercy and grace.  The first chapter of Romans shows systematically how human beings, through turning their back on Him, slowly transform into savage and feral beasts.  At Nineveh Academy, the process is merely accelerated by power-hungry tyrants. 

That being said, there are good characters in the novel.  One of the more notable ones is Sandra's brother, Lammy.  Describing his opposition to vicious maniacs like the Consigliere will certainly be an interesting challenge.   

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