Monday, June 11, 2012

Qi Gong Rocks!

I just finished doing the "water" program from Matthew Cohen's "Qi Gong: Fire and Water" DVD.  I feel absolutely amazing!  My lower back pain has subsided, my wrists feel like they are brand new, and I feel a lot more focused, relaxed and alert.  I have an urge to start doing karate, but since it is really late at night, I'll save it for the morning. 

One of my life goals is to become an expert in four different martial arts.  I already have a black belt in karate, a striking system.  Next, I want to learn how to grapple, so I will probably do Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  I also want to master a weapon and a "soft" martial art.  After tonight, I know that the "soft" martial art will be Qi Gong. 

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