Sunday, June 10, 2012

Developing "The Protector's" Best Friend; Seeing A Hero Get Saved

Earlier today, after typing up some of my Peace Corps memoir, I started writing a scene with Sandra's protector.  It went really well and I gained new insight into the mind of The Protector's best friend.  In order to prevent revealing any spoilers, I'll just say that she is very perceptive and empathetic.  The only challenge is whether I will make her a city slicker or a girl from the swamp.  Due to my increasing fascination with swamp people and my desire for a challenge, I'll probably go with the latter. 

At "Night of Freedom" yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting a marine who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He earned a Purple Heart for saving his colonel and was very outgoing, friendly and enthusiastic.  Later that night, he came to faith in Christ.  I am always deeply moved when someone does this, but when a real-life hero like this young man gets saved, it feels extra special. 

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