Saturday, June 16, 2012

Age Isn't Just A Number

I added another page and a half to BSO: Nineveh Version 6.0 and have already discovered an issue with the characters.  They are wonderful, but they sound much older than they actually are.  In this scene which I am writing, they sound like people in their late teens.  However, they are supposed to be twelve.  Right now, I am simply going to focus on getting the plot straight.  I will change the characters' voices to make them sound younger in Version 7.0. 

I consider it very important to have everything perfect in my stories.  That's why I'm not going to ignore the age issue.  I've read stories which sounded interesting, but later shelved them and walked away because the characters didn't seem authentic, or the plot was full of holes, or the setting was too ridiculous to believe.  Plus, I love a challenge, and this is the first time where I focus on middle school-aged characters in a novel-length work.  Granted, because of their involvement in gangs and the occult, they will be mature beyond their years.  That being said, if they sound like college freshmen, then it means that I'm not done with the revision process.   

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