Sunday, June 10, 2012

Could DiCaprio Have Pulled Off The Riddler?

On Yahoo! Movies, I read that Leonardo DiCaprio was considered for playing the Riddler in Christopher Nolan's final "Batman" film.  I think that he has the acting chops to pull off such a role, especially the darker version of the character that Christopher Nolan would have thought of.  Although DiCaprio was a good guy in "Blood Diamond" and "The Departed", he showed a lot of talent and range in those films, and I think he could have easily adapted to playing a Batman villain.  That being said, I'm glad that Nolan decided to go with Bane instead.  In my opinion, the Riddler is too similar to the Joker and having them back-to-back would have been a bit much.  The ruthless and calculating Bane is a fresh and exciting challenge for Gotham's hero, and I can't wait to see how Batman deals with the foe who broke his back in the comics.

There really isn't much to the article, but if you want to read it, here it is:

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