Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stop Hating On Gwyneth!

I read on article on Yahoo!Music Blog about Gwyneth Paltrow using the N-word on Twitter.  I didn't believe it at first, because Gwyneth Paltrow never struck me as a racist.  After reading the article, it turned out that I was right and that this was just a load of media hype.  All the poor woman did was quote the name of a song!  I am an African-American man and I really don't see what the issue is.  She wasn't using it in a derogatory manner.  She wasn't promoting white power or trying to put down Jay-Z, Beyonce, or Kanye West.  She was just tweeting a photo of herself with Jay-Z and Beyonce with the title of the song that was playing at the concert!  Isn't everyone overreacting just a tad bit?

I also disagree with Billy Johnson, Jr.'s rule that white people can never use the word.  Ever.  Granted, I wouldn't take too kindly to a bunch of people waving nooses and calling me a stupid N-word every time I walked past them.  However, that's very different from someone reading "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and quoting the word, or someone simply repeating the lyrics of their favorite song.  Imagine if Katy Perry created a song called "B-words in London" and Ryan Seacrest happened to tweet a picture of himself on stage with her and included the song title.  Wouldn't it sound dumb for someone to say that "if you're not a woman, don't use the word"?  Isn't it bit silly to claim to have the sole privilege of using an insult?

In my opinion, Gwyneth Paltrow didn't do anything wrong here.  If my black brothers and sisters don't want white people using the N-word, then they SHOULDN'T PUT IT IN OUR MUSIC!!!!

I'm done talking about this foolishness, but if you want to learn more about it, the link is below:

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