Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Dream Matches

After hearing so many fellow UFC fights clamor for an epic battle between Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, I have thought a lot about some dream matches which I would love to see.  So without further ado, here we go:

Alistair Overeem vs. Junior Dos Santos

I see this as the ultimate striker vs. striker match.  After seeing Dos Santos drop Cain Velasquez and Frank Mir, I want to see how his power holds up against the man who demolished Brock Lesnar.  I just hope Overeem lays off the PEDs so that this is a fair fight. 

My prediction: Overeem knocks out Dos Santos in round three, simply because he is a more complete striker.  He has some pretty vicious kicks which put the odds in his favor.

Justin Lawrence vs. Lyoto Machida

These are two of the fastest and most agile MMA fighters I have ever seen and, in spite of coming from different disciplines, their styles look strikingly similar.  They both have a knack for swarming over their opponents while dodging blows that are faster than bullets. 

My prediction: Machida wins by decision, purely because of his experience.

Frankie Edgar vs. Jose Aldo

This is one dream match that may actually happen.  Aldo has already expressed interest in fighting Edgar, and Edgar seems like he is open to the possibility after he has his rematch with Benson Henderson.  After seeing Aldo's takedown defense and vicious knee strike finish of Carlos Mendes, it's clear that he is no stranger to taking out wrestlers.  However, after seeing Edgar's brutal takedowns of Maynard, he may be "The Answer" to Aldo.

My prediction: After a five-round war, I see Edgar taking this by decision. 

Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones

This would be a dream come true, but highly unlikely, since Silva has shown no interest in fighting Jones.  However, if it were to happen, it would be experience and knowledge vs. raw talent.  Jones has flattened everyone he has come across except for Rashad Evans.  However, Silva is on a whole new level than anyone Jones has faced.  Silva combines his own natural ability with years of study and innovation, and if anyone can find a way to beat Jones, it's him.

My prediction: Jones dominates the early rounds, but Silva weathers the storm and turns the tide in round three, leading to a KO or submission in round four. 

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