Sunday, May 27, 2012

Not Bad For A Nice Guy, Haha!

I saw UFC 146 last night and it was awesome!  The three fighters who I was rooting for all dominated their matches.  First Roy "Big Country" Nelson knocked out Dave Herman with a powerful right.  Then Cain Velasquez smashed Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva.  That fight was brutal.  I thought it would be a close decision, but Cain seemed bent on redeeming himself after his humiliating loss to Junior Dos Santos last year.  Antonio is lucky to be ALIVE after Cain was done with him.  I don't think it will be too long before Cain gets a chance to regain the UFC heavyweight title.

Dos Santos obliterated Frank Mir, which made my night.  I've never particularly cared for Mir, although his ground game is unmatched and I gained a lot of respect for him after seeing how well he treats his family.  I was scared for Dos Santos when Mir caught his leg in the first round, but luckily, he managed to escape.  Then he knocked Mir on his back, but learned from Brock Lesnar's mistake.  Instead of getting close enough to get caught in a kneebar, he stepped back and waited for Mir to stand up.  On the ground, Mir would have dismembered him.  However, when it comes to stand-up, Mir was simply too slow.  Dos Santos walloped him and in the second round, knocked him out with a hard right.  The hammerfist he hit Mir with after that was merely an exclamation point.  I am disappointed that Edson Barboza suffered his first loss.  You have to love a guy who praises Jesus Christ after he pulls off the first spinning heel kick knockout in UFC history.  That being said, I still loved the event.

Dos Santos made a joke after he won, saying "Not bad for a nice guy, ah?"  Well, it certainly wasn't, champ.  It certainly wasn't.

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