Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

To all those who served in our military, thank you for the sacrifices which you have made.  I really appreciate it.  I was actually inspired by two stories that I heard on Fox News.  One was about Sgt. Sam Cila, who had part of his left arm amputated in Iraq.  The man not only competes in triathlons, but he also finished an Ironman competition and plans to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro!  Talk about tough!  I really hope he succeeds and I will follow his expedition to watch how it unfolds. 

Another story is about a member of Navy SEAL Team Six named Adam Brown.  He overcame crack addiction and eleven felony charges to join the military.  He got blinded in one eye during a training exercise and later lost all of his fingers, yet still managed to continue!  Even though sadly, he was killed in action, I know that I will meet him one day, for he was a born-again Christian. 

These two men really helped me gain perspective on my current situation.  I'm currently dealing with a hardship that is getting me down.  I don't believe a blog is the place to discuss it, but I will cover it in a memoir which I will title "That Was Then, This is Now."  Anyway, Sgt. Cila and Adam Brown inspired me to press on and gave me a much needed attitude adjustment.  This is because they didn't settle for "positive thinking" nonsense, but discovered the value of positive DOING.  Rather than sitting around and getting high off an  "I'll pretend everything is great and hope my problems will magically go away" delusion, they did what was necessary to overcome the trials in their life.  For that reason, these two men are now my heroes. 

You can find out more about Sgt. Cila and Adam Brown (respectively) at the following links:



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