Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nick Cannon Is Awesome!

In this more light-hearted post, I am going to talk about a hilarious audition on "America's Got Talent."  I'm talking about Curtis Cutts Bey's rendition of the Rick James song known as "Give It To Me, Baby."  This trucker had barely gotten the first few lyrics out of his mouth when all three judges rejected him in a complete buzzer shut-out.  However, Nick Cannon and his unofficial new assistant, Ron Christopher Porter, Jr., took issue with this, bringing Bey back on stage.  What ensued was the most hilarious encore I have ever seen in my life.  Nick Cannon and Ron acted as Bey's backup dancers and really let loose and had fun.  It also showed just how fickle audiences can be.  The first time around, the crowd booed Bey off the stage.  The second time, they applauded him and his newfound backup dancers.  At any rate, it was an awesome end to one of the few entertaining shows left on television and I really enjoyed it. 

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