Friday, May 11, 2012

Back In the Blogosphere!

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My old blog really wasn't going anywhere, so I decided to start this new one.  I'm focusing on promoting my writing, although I will throw in posts on other topics such as UFC and films for variety.  I decided to go with a new name, since nobody seemed to understand the Nazarite reference.  It does NOT refer to Jesus, who was a Nazarene (i.e. someone from the town of Nazareth).  A Nazarite was someone who separated themselves unto God through taking a special vow.  The chief part of the vow was that they weren't supposed to cut their hair.  My favorite Biblical character, Samson, is an example of a Nazarite, which is one reason why I chose that to be the name of my old blog.  I will still keep my old blog, but it will primarily be for spiritual thoughts. 

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