Saturday, May 26, 2012

Discovering "The Vigilante"

During my break from my novel, I decided to do some revision on a short story which features "The Vigilante" as the main character.  This person is Max's childhood best friend.  As soon as Max was born, her cradle was put right next to this person.  The one known as "The Vigilante" loves Dunite culture and cannot understand why so many of her peers are so racist.  This story is about her showdown with one particular brute: Sandra's elder sister.  I've done three drafts and it is already excellent.

I love writing short stories because they give me a chance to develop my characters before they go into my novels.  Consider them auditions, if you will.  Sometimes when I am writing, some random person shows up and takes over.  That's when it really gets awesome, and it's actually the way Max wound up in the series.  Other times, a character who I planned to enter the story chokes and winds up sucking.  At that point, I put them out of their misery before they can do any serious damage.  I will probably release a book of these characters called "The Blooper Reel" after I complete all fifteen books. 

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