Saturday, August 31, 2013

My UFC 164 Predictions

One of the most highly anticipated rematches in MMA is going to happen tonight!  I can't wait!  I have never seen Bendo in a boring fight, and Pettis is so gifted that he makes you believe that "The Matrix" is real!  Here are my predictions for tonight's card!

Koch vs. Poirier: This is a toss-up, in my opinion.  I'll go with my gut and say Poirier.

Winner: Poirier via decision. 

Rothwell vs. Vera:  This is a no-brainer.  Rothwell will punch "The Truth's" lights out.  I would be surprised if this made it out of the first round.

Winner: Rothwell via KO in Round 1.

Mendes vs. Guida: I'm going to pick "Money" over "The Carpenter" on this one.  Mendes looks amazing against anyone not named Aldo.  Guida is no joke, but I think that he will just go from being the lightweight division's top-ten gatekeeper to the top-five gatekeeper at featherweight.

Winner: Mendes via KO in Round 3.

Mir vs. Barnett:  This fight would have been absolutely amazing about five years ago.  However, even though both of these men are on the downside of their careers, I still think that they will put on a decent grappling clinic.  My gut is telling me to go with "The Warmaster" on this one.  I just hope he stays PED-free this time around. 

Winner: Barnett via decision. 

Henderson vs. Pettis: I'm definitely rooting for "Smooth" in this fight.  Nonetheless, I personally feel that "Showtime" is the best fighter in the division.  Anyone who can pull off capoeira-style moves at the UFC level is beyond amazing.  I believe that Pettis will take the title from Bendo and rule the division with an iron fist.

Winner: Pettis via KO in Round 5. 

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