Saturday, August 31, 2013

And My Next Black Belt Will Be In...

I absolutely love Kung Fu.  That's why I am going to write down the forms which I have learned so far and practice them in my spare time.  One day, I will earn an advanced black belt in Kung Fu.  But now is not the time.

The reason why?  Kung Fu is a striking art and I already have a black belt in a striking art: karate.  Can I improve my striking?  Absolutely.  That's why I practice striking techniques every day.  However, it's miles ahead of my grappling, which is terrible.  Just look at my best amateur wrestling record: 1-5.  One win.  Five freaking losses.  Not to mention the fact that I only put half my heart into it and eventually, gave up entirely to pursue a girl in a different extracurricular activity.  Suffice it to say that my attempts to woo her ended in total disaster.  This was in high school, after all.  What really burns me is that if I had truly focused, I could have rehabbed my back injury and gotten a winning record on the wrestling team.  My back feels perfectly fine now, and I'm ready for redemption.  So ready that I'm not even going to think about romance until after I get my BJJ black belt. 

So that's why I'm going to throw myself into BJJ.  I don't want to be completely screwed if someone throws me on my back, and I want to atone for being a lazy slacker when I was a teenager a decade ago.  Can I change the past?  As much as I'd like to, no.  However, I can learn from it and excel at my next martial arts goal: earning my BJJ black belt.   

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