Saturday, August 3, 2013

My UFC 163 Predictions

I will be referring to this event as "the one that got away."  I love watching Jose Aldo fight, and I really wanted to see "The Korean Zombie" in action.  Unfortunately, I just can't afford it right now.  Nonetheless, here are my picks for who will win tonight's matches.

John Lineker vs. Jose Maria: I think I saw the match where Lineker was subbed by Gaudinot a while back.  Other than that,  I know very little about either of these guys.  While I'm tempted to go with Lineker because he has fought in the UFC before and Maria hasn't, I am going to follow my gut and pick Maria.

Winner: Maria via submission in Round 3. 

Leites vs. Watson:  Again, I'm really not that familiar with either fighter.  All I know is that Leites once challenged Anderson Silva for the title and that Watson has defeated Mauricio "Shogun" Rua's brother, "Ninja."  Since Leites hasn't had a UFC fight since 2009, I'm going with Watson.

Winner: Watson via KO in Round 2

Ferreira vs. Santos:  I know nothing about either of these fighters, so I'm going with my gut on this one.  Take this prediction for what it's worth.

Winner: Santos via KO in Round 3. 

Machida vs. Davis:  Davis has a good wrestling pedigree and some slick submissions.  However, I don't see him taking Machida to the ground.  Machida is simply too fast and elusive.  This bout is going to stay on the feet, and when it comes to striking, Machida is one of the best.  Davis, on the other hand, is not so wonderful in that department, pun intended.

Winner: Machida via KO in Round 2.

Jose Aldo vs. Chan Sung Jung:  A guy who finished Mark Hominick and Dustin Poirier is no joke.  Nonetheless, I think that Chan Sung Jung is in over his head.  Jose Aldo is the second best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet and he hasn't even reached his prime yet.  Will he lose the title one day?  Probably.  I just don't think "The Korean Zombie" is the one who has his number.

Winner: Aldo via KO in Round 2. 

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