Saturday, April 20, 2013

Submissions 101: Tap Or Snap!

We were doing blunt weapon defenses earlier today when I got put into an armbar.  Remember that student who nearly ripped my head off the first day that I did "Stranger Danger"?  I decided to work with her.  She always works hard and is a very kind person, so I enjoy training with her.  However, I did not enjoy what happened to my elbow when I did not tap quickly enough.  She got the hold in and I was just chilling when all of the sudden-

My elbow: Pop!
Me: Aaaaaaaaaagggghhhh! (Taptaptap!)
Her: Are you okay?!
Me: (Laying on the ground, holding my elbow)
Her: Mr. Mike, you need to tap!  Otherwise, I'll keep going!
Me: (laughing at my own hubris)
Her: Sorry!

You know you have an effective technique when a slender 13-year-old girl can use it to submit a muscular 28-year-old man.  At any rate, when you are training in submission holds, always remember to tap out when you feel pain.  I was fortunate enough not to get seriously injured.  If she had kept going, she could easily have dislocated my elbow or broken my arm.  So during training, if your partner gets you into a submission hold, remember this important phrase: tap or snap!

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