Saturday, April 20, 2013

My UFC On Fox 7 Predictions

I personally feel that the two fights headlining this card should be on a PPV.  Nonetheless, I am more than happy to watch awesome matches for free.  Here are my predictions for tonight's card. 

Carmont vs. Larkin: I thought that Carmont lost his bout on UFC 154 and wasn't overly impressed by him.  While he may have just had a bad night, I have no reason to think that he will do much better against Larkin.

Winner: Larkin via decision.

Brown vs. Mein: I'm not familiar with either fighter, so I am going to go with my gut on this one.

Winner: Brown via KO in Round 2.

Diaz vs. Thomson:  Since he is a phenomenal grappler and striker, I have to get the edge to Diaz in this fight.  That being said, considering that Thomson was a former Strikeforce champion, I would be a fool to say that he didn't have a chance.

Winner: Diaz via decision. 

Mir vs. Cormier: Dana White is right: a win over Josh Barnett means something.  Also, as a former Olympian, I don't doubt that Cormier will give Mir some trouble.  At the same time, you only need to slip up once to get caught by Mir and I think that in the third round, Cormier will do that and suffer his first defeat. 

Winner: Mir via submission in Round 3.

Henderson vs. Melendez:  Both of these guys are tough as nails, and it could go either way.  Nonetheless, after seeing his wars with Frankie Edgar, I don't see "Smooth" losing to anyone except for "The Answer."

Winner: Henderson via unanimous decision. 

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