Monday, April 22, 2013

"Smooth" Keeps The Belt And Gets A "Yes" From The Girl!

Alright, so I correctly guessed three out of the five winners.  I aim more for 80%, but as long as I am above 50%, I'm happy.  Suffice it to say that this was a pretty awesome card overall, and most of the matches were PPV-worthy.  Here are my thoughts on each one:

Carmont vs. Larkin: Can't comment since it was on the prelims, but I got it right.  Woooo!

Brown vs. Mein:  After a back-and-forth first round, Brown broke Mein's will shortly after he broke his nose with a right hand.  Mein turtled up after getting hit with knees, a forearm, and a guillotine attempt and the referee called it while Brown was hitting him in the back.  I've seen fighters come back from similar physical damage.  However, the body cannot fight when the spirit has been broken.

Diaz vs. Thomson: I never thought I would see the day when a Diaz brother got knocked out.  Even two days later, I'm still flabbergasted.  In Round 2, Thomson smashed Diaz in the face with his shin and two right hands later, it was all over.  Nate's corner threw in the towel as the referee stopped the fight.  It was interesting to see Dana White hug Thomson after the fight.  It may be a not-so-subtle indicator of how much of a headache the most infamous heels in MMA have given the UFC President.

Mir vs. Cormier: Frank Mir is a legend, and will always be remembered as one of the best heavyweights in MMA history.  That's why it's so sad to see that his time has passed.  Aside from a wacky jump reverse crescent kick that made me wonder if Cormier has seen more Jackie Chan movies than I have, he dominated Mir in the clinch.  Was it particularly exciting?  No.  Was it smart?  Yes.  Cormier definitely has a few years to make an impact in the UFC, whereas Mir should probably take a couple of lower-level fights so that he can go out on a win and call it a day.

Henderson vs. Melendez:  Wow!  This fight was freaking sick!  Melendez definitely had octagon control, aggressively pushing the pace and chasing Henderson all over the ring.  Unfortunately, he ate a lot of strikes in the process, in particular some nasty leg kicks.  That's why I agree with the judges' decision: Henderson had so many more strikes that it gave him a slight edge in a bout that was fairly even otherwise.  I also don't think much of the crowd for booing during his wedding proposal.  Nonetheless, he and his fiancee didn't let it ruin their joy, and I am really happy for them both. 

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