Sunday, February 3, 2013

UFC 156: Day Of The Underdog!

Wow!  Last night was ridiculous!  My head is still spinning from all of the upsets!  On top of that, Aldo and Edgar had a five-round war that is an early "Fight Of The Year" candidate.  Here is my reaction to every event on the card.

Benavidez vs. McCall: I correctly predicted that Benavidez would win, but it was due to a poor judges' decision.  Even though the fight was close, I thought that McCall was the victor.  He not only cut Benavidez open; he took his back in Round 2 as well.  However, the judges saw it differently. 

Winner: Benavidez by unanimous decision.

Fitch vs. Maia:  As soon as the match started, Maia was on Fitch like soy sauce on fried rice!  He took him down at will and rode his back like he was a donkey!  Fitch was lucky that he had good submission defense.  Otherwise, Maia would have choked him out.  Maia easily took a lopsided decision, leaving me in shock and awe.

Winner: Maia by unanimous decision.

Overeem vs. Silva:  This bout is proof that you should never underestimate your opponent.  Why not?  Two words: Bigfoot smash!  After toying with Silva for two rounds, Overeem found himself in trouble after a head kick, two overhand rights, and a flurry against the cage.  It was lights out for the Reem, and I looked around for a deep fryer in which to dip my words so that I could eat them.

Winner: Bigfoot by knockout.

Evans vs. Noguiera:  This match is also known as "Never Underestimate Your Opponent: The Sequel."  Rashad found himself the victim of a fighter with better standup.  Why he didn't use his wrestling is anybody's guess.  At any rate, Little Nog was determined to win and Rashad was determined to slack off.  Noguiera clearly earned this decision.

Winner: Little Nog by unanimous decision.

Aldo vs. Edgar:  Edgar made a huge comeback in Round 3, and managed to hit Aldo with a lot of flurries.  In addition, he took him down twice, once in a WWE-style slam.  Nonetheless, Aldo had done just enough to stay ahead.  He landed stronger and more damaging strikes from the outset and came back with a highlight-reel superman punch in Round 5.  I personally think that Aldo took Rounds 1-3 and that Edgar took Rounds 4 and 5.  For that reason, I agree with the judges' decision.  At the same time, with the heart, skill, and class that these guys showed in this astounding superfight, I consider both of them winners.

Winner: Aldo by unanimous decision.

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