Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ronda Rousey: The Women's Champ Is HERE!!!

You know that you are an amazing fighter if everyone knows your signature move and they still get caught in it!  That being said, Rousey vs. Carmouche wasn't the squash match that I thought it would be.  Here are my thoughts on that bout and the rest of UFC 157.

Koscheck vs. Lawler: Lawler pulled an amazing upset in the first match of the card, knocking out Koscheck in the first round with a shot to the side of the head and then taking his back to finish him with more strikes.  After this, I believe that Lawler deserves a top five opponent for his next test.  Meanwhile, Koscheck being out of the title picture is the least of his worries.  I could easily see him getting the axe like Fitch after he was schooled like this.

Neer vs. McGee: This was a pretty decent fight to watch, with McGee getting a clear decision after picking Neer apart with better striking, a rear naked choke, and a couple of takedowns over the course of the bout.  Neer did make a comeback in Round 2, but it wasn't enough to turn the tide.  By Round 3, McGee was back in control.  While I don't see him entering the top ten anytime soon, I believe that he will work hard enough to stay on the roster.

Faber vs. Menjivar: I wish Faber had fought like this in his last title fight!  He pulled off an amazing first-round submission, transitioning from a crucifix to a rear naked choke while hoisted in the air!  I went completely crazy after I saw that the California Kid still has it!  While I don't think that he should get another title shot anytime soon, Faber has proved that he can still prevail over high level competition.

Machida vs. Henderson: I think that this match was better than a lot of people gave it credit for.  At any rate, while Henderson did manage a takedown in Round 3, Machida's speed, agility, and superior striking were too much for him and he lost by a split decision.  I was also surprised that Machida was able to trip Henderson and do some ground-and-pound in Round 1.  He's not really the grappling type, to say the least.  While Machida has earned his title shot against Jones, I'm a little disappointed that Hendo didn't win.  He probably would have been squashed by Jones, but it would have been nice to see him get a shot nonetheless.

Rousey vs. Carmouche: This was easily the most exciting fight of the PPV!  Carmouche was seconds away from making it to Round 2, and against Rousey, that's a serious accomplishment!  Not the mention the fact that she managed to pull a Vitor Belfort and nearly upset a heavily favored adversary in the first round!  She took Rousey's back and got a rear naked choke, which was very similar to the one that Faber used to submit Menjivar earlier.  Unfortunately for Carmouche, Rousey can take pain as well as dish it out, and managed to hang on until she pried "Girl-Rilla's" foot loose and flipped her.  Rousey also absorbed a nasty kick to the chest and managed to get the submission with her signature armbar, although Carmouche made her fight for it.  I was happy for Rousey's victory, not least because I told my Christian young adult group that if she lost to Carmouche, I would show up to our next event in jeans, a t-shirt and a Curious George bathrobe.  While I'm glad that I will not have to follow through on that promise, I have a bigger reason for being happy: I am hoping for an Olympian vs. Olympian superfight! 

My dream fight for women's MMA would be Rousey vs. McMann.  McMann's silver medal in wrestling makes me believe that Rousey will have a much harder time taking her down and getting her arm.  If anyone has a chance of dethroning the Queen of MMA, it's McMann.  Also, as much as I am proud of Rousey for getting women into the UFC, I'm not one of her fans and hope that McMann can teach her a lesson in humility and respect, octagon-style!  In the meantime, Rousey should enjoy the limelight as the first ever UFC women's champion, because she has earned it, and like it or not, the champ is HERE!!! 

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