Saturday, February 2, 2013

My UFC 156 Predictions

Finally, the two best fighters under welterweight are going at it!  The PPV would be worth it just for Aldo vs. Edgar, but the whole card is pretty stacked.  Here are my predictions for this supercard!

Benavidez vs. McCall: I've never seen McCall fight, but I do know that he had a draw against Johnson before losing their rematch.  This is definitely going to be a close fight, but my gut says Benavidez will win after a three-round war.

Winner: Benavidez by decision

Fitch vs. Maia: Maia is finally getting a true welterweight test in Fitch.  I'm sure that he'll do fine early on, but I think that Fitch will slowly grind him down and knock him out. 

Winner: Fitch by KO in Round 3.

Overeem vs. Silva: Even without the elevated testoterone levels, Overeem's technique and skill is way above Bigfoot's.  He'll probably toy with Bigfoot before submitting him to make a statement.

Winner: Overeem by submission in Round 1. 

Evans vs. Noguiera: Noguiera is certainly a decent light heavyweight and that's why it's good that he is getting a top five opponent.  At the same time, I think he's in over his head against "Suga."  This is probably more of a tune-up fight for Evans, who I am sure will steamroll over "Little Nog" on his path to earning a rematch with Jones.

Winner: Evans by KO in Round 1.

Aldo vs. Edgar: The judges can say whatever they want.  Edgar won that last bout with Henderson and should be the lightweight champion.  Nonetheless, the good that came out of that fiasco is that Edgar has finally dropped to face the Brazilian buzzsaw that is Jose Aldo.  Aldo is fast and has fantastic striking.  At the same time, Edgar is also fast and has a chin made out of granite, phenomenal endurance, superb wrestling, and has spent his career smashing much bigger competition.  I think that Edgar will weather the storm and then, in the fifth round, will move in for the kill after Aldo gasses.

Winner: Edgar by KO in Round 5. 

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