Saturday, February 23, 2013

My UFC 157 Predictions

The historic debut of the first ever women's UFC champion has come!  Here are my predictions for this groundbreaking PPV!

Koscheck vs. Lawler: Koscheck is still one of the better contenders at welterweight, even though the division has been bolstered by guys like Condit, Diaz, MacDonald, and Hendricks.  I see him getting the victory in his return.

Winner: Koscheck by KO in Round 2

McGee vs. Neer: I see Neer using his experience to pull off the victory.

Winner: Neer by decision.

Faber vs. Menjivar: Faber usually excels in bouts that aren't for the title, so I see him winning this rematch.

Winner: Faber by submission in Round 3.

Machida vs. Henderson: If Hendo lands the "H-bomb", then it's all over.  That being said, I don't think he's fast enough to catch Machida.  I see Machida running circles around him all three rounds before giving Hendo his first KO loss.

Winner: Machida by KO in Round 3.

Rousey vs. Carmouche:  Look, this is MMA and anything can happen.  That being said, Carmouche has as much of a chance as beating Rousey as Brian Stann does of beating Anderson Silva: almost none.  This seems like a squash match set up to make Rousey look good in her debut and I see it playing out just like that.

Winner: Rousey by armbar in Round 1. 

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