Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two For Four At UFC On FX!

Alright, so I correctly guessed the winners of two out of the four main card bouts last night.  It's impossible to always predict the future, since prophets no longer exist.  At the same time, I think that I can improve my ratio to 70-80% with some additional research. 

At any rate, I am ecstatic that Vitor Belfort won, especially after finding out that Michael Bisping told him that "there's no Jesus" in one inappropriate verbal jab (see link below).  Not only does that statement fly in the face of historical fact (ask Pliny the Minor or Tacitus if you don't believe me), but taking a dig at someone's faith is pretty low.  I consider it even lower than trashing someone's family or country a la Chael Sonnen.  I'm glad that "The Phenom" taught "The Count" a lesson in manners during their bout.

You can see the comment which incurred Belfort's wrath at Chris Hall's article on Bloody Elbow:

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