Saturday, January 19, 2013

My UFC On FX Predictions

I normally don't make predictions for UFC events which I can't watch (the only TV in the house that has FX has been claimed for a marathon of "The Big Bang Theory").  Nonetheless, my favorite fighter, Vitor Belfort, is fighting Michael Bisping, who is my second favorite mixed martial artist, so I'm going to make an exception. 

Tavares vs. Nurmagomedov: Nurmagomedov wins by decision.

Gonzaga vs. Rothwell: Rothwell wins by KO.

Sarafian vs. Dollaway: Sarafian wins by decision.

Belfort vs. Bisping: Belfort wins by KO.

I'm going to root for Belfort, but I'll be happy if either man wins.  If Belfort wins, he gets another notable win in his record.  If Bisping wins, he gets a title shot. 

Let's see if I'm right. 

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