Saturday, January 26, 2013

My UFC On Fox Predictions

Another weekend, another stacked UFC on Fox card!  Tonight is going to be awesome!  It will help me forget the beating which I took in Krav Maga class earlier today, haha!  Here are my predictions for tonight's fights:

Koch vs. Lamas: Both of these fighters look pretty even, but my gut tells me that Koch will win by decision.  I don't envy the winner though, because they will probably get the victor of Aldo vs. Edgar.  Ouch.   

Winner:  Koch via split decision.

Pettis vs. Cerrone: The best part about being a professional fighter is that, if you have a beef with one of your coworkers, you can settle it man-to-man.  Tonight, rivals Pettis and Cerrone get to prove who's truly the better man in the cage.  I hate to go against a guy who has beaten Joe Lauzon, Jeremy Stephens, and knocked out Benson Henderson with a matrix-style kick.  Nonetheless, "Cowboy" will probably be too tough for "Showtime", not even considering the ring rust.

Winner: Cerrone by unanimous decision.

Jackson vs. Texiera: I am a huge Rampage fan and want him to end his tenure at the UFC with a win.  That being said, his heart doesn't seem to be in MMA anymore.  He definitely has the skillset to defeat Texiera, but skills mean nothing at this level if you don't have the will.  Texiera is fearsome and hungry, and, being his early thirties, he knows that his time is limited, so I see him pulling the upset here.

Winner: Glover Texiera by KO in Round 3.

Johnson vs. Dodson: After seeing Johnson's war against Benavidez at UFC 152, I really think that Dodson is in over his head in this bout.  Although the bout was close, Johnson had amazing speed and grappling in that PPV.  I don't think that "The Magician" will go down without a fight, but I do feel that "Mighty Mouse" is going to outwrestle and submit him in Round 3 to remain the flyweight king.

Winner: Johnson via submission in Round 3. 

Let's see if I am right!

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