Friday, January 4, 2013

Got Tweeted By Ronda Rousey!

I got my first ever celebrity tweet today from none other than Ronda Rousey!  It was completely unexpected.  Every other time that I tweet a celebrity, I don't receive a response.  It's probably because they get flooded with so many tweets that they just don't have the time to reply to them all.  In particular, the beautiful women seem to be swamped with flirtacious remarks, marriage proposals, and downright harrassing remarks from their fans (or stalkers).  That's why I always figured my first celebrity tweet would be from a guy.  I thought it would most likely be Urijah Faber, since he seems so down-to-earth.  It could have even been the Rock, since he is famous for being open to his fans.  At any rate, if the inaugural UFC Women's champion decided to send me a tweet, it's clear that the work that I'm putting into building my social media presence is starting to produce results.  See people?  Persistence pays off!

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