Monday, September 10, 2012

Manuscript Paleontology Sucks...

Faith No More's "Midlife Crisis" is a freaking awesome song.  However, it will no longer be Maxine Njalsdottir's UNOFFICIAL theme.  Disciple's "Dear X (You Don't Own Me)" is perfect for her.  Ideally, when my novels become movies, I would like that band to do the whole soundtrack.  That being said, it will be years before my tales become films. 

So far, I have copied and pasted all of the setting information from "Heart of Flesh" and "Daughter of the Seven Seas."  Those details are set in stone, because those two stories are published already.  I have also copied settings from "Nineveh's Apex Predator" and "The First Dunite Citizen."  Neither of those have been published yet, so I will change those setting details if necessary. 

All of this has taught me a valuable lesson: map out the setting BEFORE you write the novel.  Going through manuscripts and digging up setting details like fossils is a pain in the freaking neck!  Rest assured that "My Sister's Keeper", the last novel in the "Black Swan Origins" trilogy, will have multiple maps created before I even consider writing the story.  I refuse to do manuscript paleontology again, except for fun things like characters, subplots, and dialogue.

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