Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Injuries Are Submitting UFC 153

As soon as I discovered that Jose Aldo injured his foot, I felt that the rest of my year had just gone down the toilet. The fact that Rampage got injured as well didn't help matters.  Now that I have calmed down a little bit, I have just accepted the fact that this is a part of MMA.  Sometimes, fighters get injured.  That's the risk that you take when you train eight hours a day. Nonetheless, this is getting a little ridiculous.  There comes a point where you are simply pushing yourself too hard.  I'm not saying that you should give up every time that you stub your toe.  I'm just pointing out the obvious: if you are severely damaging a ligament, muscle, bone, or tendon when you train, then you need to refine your strategy.  Wrecking your car before you go to a race won't make you a NASCAR champion.  In the same way, destroying your body before a match isn't going to make you an MMA champion.  It's merely going to make your entire fight camp a waste of time.  Training smart is just as important as training hard. 

I wish Aldo and Rampage a speedy recovery.  To read more about this tragic turn of events, click on the link below:

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