Sunday, May 5, 2013

Real-Life Martial Arts: Strike First Or Die

My heart goes out to Ricardo Portillo's family.  He was killed for doing his job.  Long story short, he was refereeing a soccer game when he gave a player a yellow card.  The 17-year-old goalie showed his disapproval by punching Portillo in the head.  Portillo wound up in a coma and died yesterday. 

This tragedy confirms a universal truth about martial arts: you never wait for your opponent to strike you first.  As soon as you perceive a physical threat against yourself, a loved one, or an innocent bystander, you must spring into action.  Otherwise, it will be too late. 

Obviously, this doesn't mean that you lay the smackdown on everyone who gives you a dirty look.  It just means that you prepare for the worst if someone rushes you.  Escape should always be the first option.  However, if you cannot outrun your assailant, you need to go on the offensive before they put you in the hospital.  Or worse, the morgue. 

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