Saturday, May 25, 2013

UFC 160 Predictions

Tonight's card is so freaking stacked that if it was a burger, it would be as tall as the Empire State Building!  We have a surging monster in Bigfoot vs. an MMA killing machine in Velasquez, the unstoppable force of Junior Dos Santos vs. the immovable object that is Mark Hunt, and two granite-fisted light heavyweights in Texiera vs. Te Huna!  Not to mention that it's being kicked off by "Cowboy" Cerrone and Gray "The Bully" Maynard!  Here are my predictions for this totally awesome PPV!

Cerrone vs. Noons: This is a no-brainer.  While Cerrone has trouble in title eliminators, he usually dominates in any other match.  I see "Cowboy" welcoming K.J. to the UFC with a brutal KO.

Winner: Cerrone by KO.

Maynard vs. Grant: This one is going to be a little closer than Cerrone vs. Noons, but still a no-brainer.  Maynard is going to out-wrestle Grant on his way to yet another lightweight title shot.

Winner: Maynard by decision.

Teixiera vs. Te Huna: Kudos to Te Huna for taking on the most feared man in the light heavyweight division not named Jon Jones.  That being said, I believe Teixiera is on a whole different level.  Will he KO Te Huna?  Probably not.  Will he go for the submission after Te Huna doesn't go down as easily as he hoped?  I'm practically certain of it.

Winner: Teixiera by submission. 

Hunt vs. Dos Santos: This one is tougher to call.  Both men are fantastic strikers who can take down a bull elephant with one punch and they have pretty strong chins.  For that reason, I believe this will be decided on the ground.  I'm definitely rooting for Hunt, but logic dictates that the more well-rounded Dos Santos will whip out his Brazilian jiu-jitsu to take this one.

Winner: Dos Santos by submission. 

Velasquez vs. Bigfoot:  I made the mistake of underestimating Bigfoot Silva before.  It ended up with me picking my jaw up off the floor after watching him break Overeem's face.  I think he will put up a much better fight this time around than he did in his previous bout against Velasquez.  That being said, unlike Overeem, Velasquez doesn't hold Bigfoot in complete and utter contempt.  Due to that, I don't see him foolishly dropping his hands and toying with Bigfoot until he gets his teeth knocked down his throat.  I see Velasquez getting another victory, albeit in the third or fourth round instead of the first this time.

Winner: Velasquez by KO.

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