Saturday, December 29, 2012

My UFC 155 Predictions

Leben vs. Brunson: Chris Leben is definitely a name and his record looks good at a glance.  That being said, most of his UFC wins aren't against people who are particularly impressive.  Not to mention the fact that he's 32 and most fighters start to go downhill at that age.  I think that Brunson will upset "The Crippler" with a KO in Round 3. 

Winner: Brunson

Okami vs. Belcher: I think that Okami is too tough for Belcher to submit or knock out.  Nonetheless, Belcher seems to improve significantly in every fight, and I think that he has reached the point where he can avenge the loss he suffered at the hands of "Thunder" in 2006.  I believe that "The Talent" will win a unanimous decision through speed and technique.

Winner: Belcher

Boetsch vs. Philippou: Boetsch has the heart and raw power to destroy Philippou.  As long as he doesn't get timid like he did at UFC 149 (which was probably due to the hype surrounding Lombard), I see "The Barbarian" winning by KO in Round 2.

Winner: Boetsch

Miller vs. Lauzon: These two seem evenly matched and it should be an interesting grappling contest.  That being said, I still give a slight edge to Lauzon and believe that he will win this by a split decision.

Winner: Lauzon

Dos Santos vs. Velasquez: I believe that Dos Santos' quick victory over Velasquez the first time was a fluke.  A fluke that cost me three dollars in a bet.  I also think that Velasquez is too smart to try to stand and trade with him again.  I don't think that the champ will go out without a fight, but I do believe that the challenger will keep him on the ground until he can eventually KO him in Round 5.

Winner: Velasquez

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