Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bad News And More Bad News

-I wasn't able to finish "King Johnson of Essex" for NaNoWritMo.  No excuses.  I gave myself a deadline and I missed it.

-"Black Swan Origins: Nineveh" has been shelved indefinitely.  This is because I want to complete my Peace Corps Memoir, "A Valiant Effort", to close out the young adult chapter of my life so that I can move on.  I don't like writing nonfiction and never have.  Not to mention the fact that the last nine months of my overseas experience were extremely unpleasant.  However, it is an important story that shows how Christ can rescue someone from the worst possible circumstances, and people need to hear it.  As I grow older, I realize that sometimes I have to do things that I don't like in order to benefit others.  Right now, writing nonfiction is that thing.   I've also suspended work on all other fiction while I complete "A Valiant Effort" and take care of a personal obligation which I cannot ignore any longer.   

-Furthermore, I will cut out all MMA in my life except for the monthly PPVs until I fulfill my personal obligation.  Even then, I may have to miss one or two because I am back in the retail industry and have to work on Saturdays.  I love martial arts, but if I have to chose between paying my bills and a few hours of entertainment during the weekend, I must choose the former.  I will, however, still make predictions on who will win each fight, even though these predictions will not be as detailed.  That being said, if it becomes too much of a distraction as well, I will have to cut out MMA completely.

These decisions all suck, but the reason that I'm in the position that I'm in right now is because I didn't make these sacrifices sooner.  The fact is that nobody lives forever and I don't want to die and realize that I did not fulfill God's purpose in my life because I wasted too much time on secondary issues.  While I would love to have a career as an author, God has instructed me to use my writing talent for an even greater calling.  That calling has to come first.  I also don't want to fulfill my destiny half-heartedly.  I want to complete it with the zeal and passion of an Olympic gold medalist or a UFC champion.  I've seen what they had to give up to live their life's passion and if I have to do the same thing to become the Michael Phelps or the Anderson Silva of my calling, then so be it. 


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