Saturday, December 22, 2012

Katie Davis Lays The Smackdown For Jesus In Uganda!

Today I finished reading "Kisses From Katie" at Barnes and Noble.  That book is freaking awesome!  Most "Christians" in America just go to church and talk about helping others to make themselves sound more pious and caring than they really are.  Katie Davis actually threw caution to the wind and put her faith into practice.  Relying solely on Jesus Christ, she became a missionary to Uganda with no formal training at all and started a nonprofit called Amazima to send orphans to school.  On top of that, she adopted fourteen children by herself and raised them.  She gave up everything: a college education, her boyfriend, and her cushy life in Tennessee, to help people in a strange country that she had only visited once during a vacation when she was in high school.  She literally picks people up off the street, takes them into her house, feeds them, bathes them, pays their medical expenses, and even picks parasites called scabies off of them.  Reading the book, she comes across as the most humble and selfless person ever.  See what happens when you let Jesus change your life, people?!

I picked up her book at the right time.  I had gotten discouraged in pursuing my life goal and was just going to give up.  However, Jesus has used Katie and her story to breathe new life into me.  I am going to persevere and fulfill my calling, just like she did, relying on Him for my strength.  I hope that one day, my own book, "A Valiant Effort", will inspire others like "Kisses From Katie" has inspired me.   

If you haven't read "Kisses From Katie", yet, read it NOW!  It is FREAKING SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!! 

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