Monday, August 6, 2012

UFC On Fox: Freaking Epic!

UFC on Fox 4 had some freaking awesome battles.  Here's my view on each of them:

Swick vs. Johnson: Swick made an excellent comeback in Round 2, catching Johnson's kick and pushing him down.  He then finished him off with a brutal right hand.  A pretty sweet ending for a guy who had to battle back from a serious illness.

Lauzon vs. Varner: Varner controlled most of the fight early on.  However, he gassed out in Round 2 and Lauzon got the upperhand, leading to a beautiful triangle choke in Round 3.  I am not happy about the bromance which took place at the beginning of Round 3, as I think hugging during a match is just plain silly.  That being said, this was the second best fight of the night, and I was especially happy that Varner lost because he had previously beaten Edson Barboza, one of my favorite fighters.

Machida vs. Bader: "Darth" Bader is one tough dude, but "The Dragon" is on a whole new level.  Machida proved that by toying with the TUF Season 8 winner in Round 1 and smashing him with a quick right hand when he tried to rush in during Round 2.  Dana White said that the fighter with the most impressive win in the last two fights of the night would get a title shot and Machida earned that honor, hands down.  Bader, on the other hand, has his work cut out for him if he wants to become more than a gatekeeper in the light heavyweight division.

Shogun vs. Vera: A brutal 4-round war in which Vera gave Shogun a run for his money.  I was surprised by how well Vera did, and was also shocked that Shogun left his comfort zone and tried to grapple with Vera rather than stand and trade with him.  It was back-and-forth until the fourth round, when Shogun knocked Vera against the cage and finished him on the ground. 

I managed to accurately predict the winners of the last three fights.  The Browne vs. Rothwell fight never happened due to an injury sustained by Rothwell, so that prediction is N/A.  I can't wait for UFC 150, when the rematch between Frankie Edgar and Benson Henderson will finally happen.

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