Saturday, August 11, 2012

UFC 150 Predictions

Finally, the long-awaited rematch between Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar is going to happen.  I can't wait to see Henderson prove his dominance and get a definitive win over Edgar.  Here is what I think will happen in tonight's fights:

Henderson vs. Edgar: Henderson won the first bout by decision, but it was really close.  So close that I still consider it a draw.  However, I think that "Smooth" will get a more decisive victory this time around and send "The Answer" packing to the Featherweight division and a dream match with Jose Aldo.

Winner: Henderson by unanimous decision.

Cerrone vs. Guillard: Cerrone was bested in his bout with Nate Diaz, but he still took it to the number one contender, flooring him during all of Round 2 with brutal leg kicks and refusing to give up even with a broken jaw.  No disrespect to Guillard, but I feel that the "Cowboy" is completely out of his league.

Winner: Cerrone by knockout.

Shields vs. Herman: Herman has four losses by submission, and tonight, I believe Jake Shields will make it five.

Winner: Shields by submission.

Okami vs. Roberts: The physically strongest man in the middleweight division was upset by Tim Boetsch.  However, I really thought that that was a fluke.  Okami is going to redeem himself by ripping Roberts in half by Round 2 at the latest.

Winner: Okami by knockout.

Lawrence vs. Holloway: Lawrence is such a fast and agile fighter that I don't think Holloway will be able to touch him.  I see the "American Kidd" making his debut with a Knockout of the Night award.

Winner: Lawrence by  knockout.

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