Sunday, July 1, 2012

Evolve Or Die

As my novel grows and evolves, I have discovered just how deep some revisions need to be.  I had to completely change the persepective of one event to improve the story.  It was originally told from the perspective of Character B, but now I am telling it from the perspective of their rival, Character A.  It was tough, but necessary.  The fact is, to succeed, sometimes you have to make serious changes.  This happens in UFC all the time, where a collegiate wrestler has to learn how to box, a kung fu specialist has to learn brazilian jiu-jitsu, and other fighters need to incorporate moves outside of their specialty to improve their style.  To survive in that sport, you must evolve and be strong in multiple disciplines, and this may mean discarding techniques which no longer work, or changing the way that you perform them.  Writing is very similar.  Like the constantly evolving sport of mixed martial arts, the story often grows so much that certain scenes, certain characters, or sometimes, certain plots, simply must be discarded because they no longer work.  At other times, I simply need to change the way that I wrote them, either by moving scenes later in the timeline, writing from a different character's perspective, or, in extreme situations, moving characters and subplots to other stories.  When I reach these moments of truth, I have to make a choice: evolve or die.  You can guess which one I make for the sake of my readers. 

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