Saturday, October 19, 2013

My UFC 166 Predictions

Unfortunately, I won't be able to see this awesome event.  Nonetheless, here are my predictions for tonight's card.

Bonus prediction: Kaufman vs. Eye.

I don't normally predict prelims, but Kaufman is one of my favorite WMMA fighters and a former Strikeforce bantamweight champ.  I see her knocking out Eye in Round 2. 

Winner: Kaufman

Dodson vs. Montague:  This is easy.  Dodson takes this via KO.

Winner: Dodson

Gonzaga vs. Jordan:  There is no way that this one is going the distance.  The first person to slip up is going to sleep, and I think that person is going to be Jordan.

Winner: Gonzaga

Melendez vs. Sanchez:  I strongly suspect that this will be the "Fight of the Night."  With his aggression, speed, and cardio, I believe that Melendez will take the decision.

Winner: Melendez

Cormier vs. Nelson:  Nelson has a strong chin and BJJ background, so I don't think that Cormier will finish him.  Nonetheless, I believe that the former Olympian will outwrestle him en route to a decision.

Winner: Cormier

Velasquez vs. Dos Santos:  Even though Dos Santos will probably show up in better health this time around, I believe that this match will end the same way as their second fight.  Dos Santos will gas and Velasquez will beat him pillar-to-post to another unanimous decision.

Winner: Velasquez

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