Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chael Sonnen Is Going WHERE For His Next Coaching Stint?

As far as my UFC 166 predictions went, I am five for six.  However, since I wasn't able to afford the event, I don't have anything to say.  That is not the case for the headline I saw today on FOX Sports on MSN, which said that Chael Sonnen will be coaching opposite Wanderlei Silva in Brazil! 

Chael Sonnen is definitely the ballsiest MMA fight alive.  Watching him and Wanderlei go at it will certainly be entertaining.   That being said, this does not seem like the wisest move.  Sonnen thoroughly trashed Brazil while he was preparing for his rematch with Anderson Silva.  Not only will he need to be surrounded by armed guards 24/7, but his team probably won't be thrilled to have him as a coach.  I wouldn't be surprised if they revolted.  At any rate, I hope that the UFC takes the necessary steps to ensure his personal safety.

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