Saturday, October 13, 2012

UFC 153 Predictions

Sadly, injuries have reduced a blockbuster card to a bunch of fun exhibition bouts.  Nonetheless, I still look forward to watching UFC 153 tonight.  Here are my predictions for what will happen.

Demaian Maia vs. Rick Story: Maia had an impressive welterweight debut against Dong Hyun Kim, not only taking down a judo guy, but injuring him to the point where the fight had to be stopped.  I haven't seen Rick Story fight, but after seeing his record on UFC's official website, he doesn't look particularly impressive.

Winner: Maia by submission in Round 1.

Phil Davis vs. Wagner Prado: Hopefully, an eye poke won't ruin this rematch.  The man known as "Caldeiro" looks tough.  However,  "Mr. Wonderful" has a proven track record in the Octagon, his only loss being to Rashad Evans.  I see his experience being the deciding factor in this fight.

Winner: Davis by unanimous decision.

Jon Fitch vs. Erick Silva:  I personally thought that it was unfair to disqualify Silva for one shot to the back of the head when he was dominating Carlo Prater.  It was clearly an accident and Prater was done long before that.  At any rate, the match showed that he is a force to be reckoned with.  Jon Fitch is a strong contender in the welterweight division, his only recent loss being an upset by Johny Hendricks.  However, I see the veteran getting upset again tonight.

Winner: Silva by KO in Round 2.

Glover Texiera vs. Fabio Maldonado:  Finally, I get to see "the Baker" in action, so that I can figure out why the legendary Mauricio "Shogun" Rua was afraid to fight him.  If he lives up to the hype (and I have the gut feeling that he will), then this should be like watching a lion squish a mouse.

Winner: Texiera by KO in Round 1.

Minotauro Noguiera vs. Dave Herman:  When I first saw Frank Mir snap Minotauro's arm like a toothpick, I thought that the Brazilian heavyweight legend was done.  However, I've now changed my mind about him.  He may not be on the top of the heap anymore, but I think that Minotauro will be able to get one more win under his belt before he finally retires.

Winner: Noguiera by submission in Round 1.

Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar: The Lion vs. the Mouse Part II!  Okay, so you have the most dominant mixed martial artist alive vs. a guy whose biggest claim to fame is losing to Forrest Griffin seven years ago.  Bonnar certainly has brass balls, but he is truly an American Psycho if he thinks that he can last more than one round against "the Spider."

Winner: Silva by KO in Round 1.

Let's see if I am right!

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