Friday, March 28, 2014

Four Things Which Are More Important Than The Martial Arts

Why aren't the martial arts the most important thing in the world?

1) God's decision to let you into heaven (or send you to hell) is not going to be based upon your belt rank.
2) It's very difficult to build deep, meaningful relationships with people who you only meet up with twice a week to fight.
3) Showing off the latest technique that you mastered may impress the cute female cashier at the grocery store (or, if you are a female martial artist, the hours spent practicing that technique may get you into good enough shape to convince the hot male cashier to ask you out). However, that cashier will still expect you to pay for your food, and for that, you need money.
4) Most employers won't accept a national or world championship in lieu of a college degree.

For those four reasons, the martial arts should only be priority number five. Your eternal destiny, healthy relationships with your family and friends, your career, and your education are all more important. If you find that your training is causing you to neglect those areas, take a break from practicing the martial arts and fix your life. True excellence in the martial arts can only come if you have a strong spiritual, social, financial, and intellectual foundation.

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