Saturday, November 16, 2013

My UFC 167 Predictions

Now that I finally got not just one, but two jobs, this should be the last event that I miss. Here are my predictions for tonight's card:

Elliot vs. Bagautinov: I know very little about either fighter, so I'm going with my gut. Bagautinov takes this by decision.

Winner: Bagautinov

Koscheck vs. Woodley: After Koscheck got upset by Lawler, it became obvious that he will never get a title shot again. Nonetheless, I see him knocking out Woodley with an overhand right en route to finishing out a decent UFC career.

Winner: Koscheck

MacDonald vs. Lawler: As long as MacDonald keeps clear of Lawler's heavy hands and head kicks, he shouldn't have too much trouble in this bout. I see "Ares" getting a TKO finish in Round 2 to earn a title shot.

Winner: MacDonald

Evans vs. Sonnen: Sonnen still has a passion for fighting, whereas Evans' head hasn't been in the game since his decision loss to Jon Jones. I'm giving this one to the "American Gangster" via decision.

Winner: Sonnen

GSP vs. Hendricks: Hendricks is a southpaw version of Koscheck. He has good wrestling and packs a punch, but lacks the technique and finesse of the champion. Whether GSP decides to break Hendrick's orbital bone to ruin his vision or keep him pinned to the mat for five rounds, he is going to keep his belt tonight.

Winner: GSP

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