Saturday, July 6, 2013

My UFC 162 Predictions

Silva vs. Weidman was fated to happen.  Granted, I see this in hindsight.  In the past, I thought that Weidman was a promising prospect but that he was seriously overconfident in his persistent calling out of Anderson Silva.  However, after Michael Bisping, Alan Belcher, Hector Lombard, and Tim Boetsch got bumped out of the title picture, it became clear that Weidman was the last man standing.  Is he the one who will finally squish "The Spider"?  We'll just have to wait and see.  Meanwhile, here are my predictions for tonight's card.

Swanson vs. Siver:  This is a tough one.  Swanson is on a four-fight winning streak, but Siver is working his way up the ranks of featherweight, too.  I think that this bout will be a standup war that could possibly become "Fight of the Night."  When the smoke clears, I think both men will be standing, but that Swanson will have put on the better performance.

Winner: Swanson via decision.

Munoz vs. Boetsch:  Kudos to "The Filipino Wrecking Machine" for taking on "The Barbarian" after such a long time away from the cage.  However, I feel he would have been better off taking on lesser competition first.  Boetsch is a beast who won't give up unless he is completely knocked out, and I see his heart getting him the victory in this bout.

Winner: Boetsch via KO. 

Kennedy vs. Gracie: I would love to see a member of the Gracie family take the UFC by storm again.  However, I don't think it will happen in this fight.  I think that the more experienced Kennedy will grind out a decision victory.

Winner: Kennedy via decision. 

Edgar vs. Oliviera:  The true UFC lightweight champion seems determined to work his way back to a featherweight title shot and prove that his close decision loss to Jose Aldo was a fluke.  While "Do Bronx" seems like a tune-up fight for "The Answer", I don't see Edgar underestimating his opponent.  I believe that Edgar is going to storm Oliviera right out of the gate and knock him the heck out in the first round.

Winner: Edgar via KO.

Silva vs. Weidman:  My head tells me that Silva is going to win, because of his vast experience and phenomenal skill.  However, my gut tells me to pick Weidman, because he is young and hungry and Silva has a tendency to showboat and clown around during fights.  I think that "The Spider" is going to pick Weidman apart in the first three rounds, start goofing off in the fourth, and Weidman will make him pay for it by pulling off a surprise submission (a la Ryo Chonan) in the fourth or fifth round.

Winner: Weidman via submission.

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